My wooden chest with trinkets and symbols attached.

Several years ago I saw an interesting mailbox. I don’t make a habit of noticing mailboxes but when I walked by this one…..well….that’s the thing. I couldn’t walk by it. My daughter and I stopped and looked at it for a long time. The entire mailbox was covered with a collection of trinkets, shells, shiny things, tiny things, buttons, and all other sorts of fun pieces and symbols.

Since then, I’ve saved my own little charms, jewels, shells and trinkets. I’ve attached the items to a wooden chest and created my own little wonder. I don’t buy the trinkets to use in this project. I use things we have around the house that are no longer needed, or I find the items. All the shells are kindly provided to me by the Atlantic Ocean.

The broken pieces of shells smoothed out by tumbling in the ocean, hearts, bottle caps, and flowers adorn the top. There are rocks, and stars, and bows. Several earrings that lost its other, a lollipop, a snowflake, and a fleur de lis. There’s a butterfly, a horseshoe, a cross, and other tiny things.

I’m still collecting…….it’s a work in progress. Eventually the treasures that I collect and save on the inside will be on the outside. The entire chest will be covered with symbols, charms, and lots of things that sparkle.

Just because it’s fun.