Clouds over Georgia

Clouds over Georgia

After a week at the beach on the east coast of Florida, we are on our way back home.  Back to our routines and jobs and yard work and chores. Back to friends and family and all the other things we love. Like our beds and pillows. And showers. And our dog. And my runs on our country roads.

We enjoy our vacation so much that we didn’t want to leave.  We wanted to stay a couple of extra days.  But I’m rested and refreshed, ready to carry on with normal life things. And to do it well.  Because the vacation did what it was supposed to do.  So I’m happy to be on our way home to all the good things we love.

I took this photo with my phone from the inside of the truck. We are riding through Georgia and still have a while to go. The traffic is slow and heavy. We’re tired of riding and anxious for home.

But we have blue skies and puffy clouds and more time to look at them than we care to.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “On the Way.”