I’m happy in the forest….hiking, exploring, breathing in the air, finding tiny frogs or strange mushrooms. Climbing over fallen trees and crossing creeks. The stark changes with each season are remarkable. The forest is almost other worldly to me and it’s a good place to think.

What makes the forest even better is when one or some of my favorite people are with me. Good conversations happen in the forest, too.

This is only one beautiful scene from a recent hike with my youngest daughter.


Sipsey River Trail in Bankhead National Forest






imageCan a cupcake cause bliss? Yes!


I walked into the office last week and on my desk sat a small, perfectly square, pale green box.  Bliss swept across my face.  I knew what was inside……I just didn’t know which flavor.

I opened it before I sat down.  White Wedding Cake.  My favorite.  The icing was swirled 3 inches high with sparkles on top.

The cupcake was good.  The icing…..scrumptious.  Neither of those is what caused me to smile all day.    I was happy because my friend across the hall thought of me.  She took the time to bring me something she knew I would enjoy.   For $3.54 she brought me BIG happiness!

Sometimes it really is the thought that counts.  But it counts even more when you get a cupcake!!