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More Awesome Blogs

These are just a few of the blogs I follow.  Many of them were accidental finds but treasures nonetheless.  Check them out and see if you find something you like………..I did.


A life-giving moment

Inspiration With An Attitude




stories in the struggle



Live Laugh Lean


Victoria Feathers

Learning to See

11 thoughts on “More Awesome Blogs

  1. Hi Marie,
    I like the way you have put the the links on to your page it is easy to just click and then read the I have sat here all evening trying to do that without any success any advice which you can share?

    1. Thank you. I added a page then titled it. Then I went to each website and copied the website addresses of the blogs into the page. I wanted the names of the sites instead of the website to show so I linked the names.

  2. Hi Marie, for my day 10 assignment I followed what you did which I thought was brilliant and easy. Opening a page for the blogs I liked, I managed to do that but I may have made a mistake with the links because if you try to click on the links it does not take you to the blogs concerned.Have you got any ideas you can help me with.
    Like you say the course is brilliant two weeks ago I had no clue as to what to do with the blog in terms of appearance now it seems I can follow instructions sometimes with difficulties but I am learning- thanks to the course.

    1. Yes I will try to help. In your page, first type the words that you want to link then highlight them. Once highlighted click the link icon. This will give you a place to enter the website address. Hope that helps.

      I’m going to ask @michelleweber to help too. She and the WordPress team are brilliant at explaining these things. Good luck to you and keep at it.

      1. What helped me are the instructions for one of the assignments. I can’t remember what day but it was the one where we were asked to write a post that was inspired by another blog or comment, and link back to the blog.

    1. Mickelle, thank you for the nomination. I’m honored that you like my blog. I’ve never thought much about whether or not it’s my thing but I will definitely participate. I will be thoughtful in my responses. Again, thank you.

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