Morning Coffee

I woke up Saturday morning later than usual. I walked into the kitchen and started the coffee to brew like I always do. I had just enough time to drink a cup while I talked with my husband before I met a friend for our long Saturday run.

Lately I’ve been treating myself to a cinnamon almond milk macchiato after the miles on Saturdays and I look forward to it. But I didn’t need to stop for coffee this Saturday. Before I left the house I realized there was coffee left in the pot so I hurriedly poured it into my Yeti cup to keep it warm and brought it with me.

After the run, I said goodbye to my running partner, opened the car door and smelled the aroma of coffee. As I started the car I wondered why there was so much…….I brewed the same amount I’ve always brewed. It took me a minute to realize why I had a Yeti full of coffee. My daughter didn’t drink her portion like she usually does on Saturday morning.

She was on her honeymoon.

Like I always do, I brewed enough coffee for me and my daughter. She enjoys coffee as much as I do and she’s up early on Saturdays for her work. We sit and talk as we sip our coffee until one of us says, “I have to get ready after I tell you this”.

We both love good conversation and our morning ones are some of the best. So good that sometimes, we can barely pull away.

Her morning coffee routine will be different now. Mine too.

But it will be good.

Growing and changing.

Endings and beginnings.

These are necessary and good and beautiful.



Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels


10 thoughts on “Morning Coffee

  1. Marie. That is beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes and inspires me to stay on a healthy journey today! I love you so ! Your tech perspective on life inspires me that it matters.

  2. This post reminded me of the first time I went to set the table for dinner after our oldest went to college. I got out the same number of plates as always not realizing we needed one less.

    1. I think I’ll experience more of these little realizations in the coming days. Of course this makes me think of what my own mother must have felt when I and my 3 sisters moved away or married. She never talked about it.

  3. Like mariegriffith above I always wondered what my mom thought as each of the 11 kids left the house to explore the outside world. My daughter moved out with college. Since then I’ve added foreign host students to fill the nest with sound ..

      1. Each kid is different…different cultures, countries and language skills. It’s usually nine months of fun..last summer I took in two girls Brigitte from France -14 and April from Taiwan=17…for a month usually my summers are quiet. Not this one. They were so goofy. I had a blast.

  4. Wow! That is so bittersweet and lovely. I want you to know that i feel as if you did a really good job with her while she was with you. I also feel as if now she is going to prepare to do the same thing with her children one day.

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