A Clear View

Though my daughter and I climbed the mountain for about two hours, our view didn’t compare to this guy’s atop the imposing flatiron.

Blake and I were content to watch others as we rested and shared our snacks.


Several teenagers climbed a rock below us to see the other side and get a different view.


High or low, on a mountain or in the valley, the happiest of times, the sad ones, and the scary ones too…..the best view is the one where you look back and see God’s mercies.

And when you can do that…..

you have the best view of all.

13 thoughts on “A Clear View

  1. Just read that verse this morning about His mercies being new every morning …”Great is His faithfulness!” Thank God for this truth and thank you for reminding us of that view! 🙂

    1. Yes Joy! What inspired the post was actually Romans 12:1 in the NIV where Paul writes “Therefore, I urge you brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy…”.
      With that view, what can hold us back from all that God wants for us?

  2. Nice photos…seems like a great place to hike and yes, you’re right, it feels good to see God’s mercies, but also love and blessings, through His creations. I’m always and forever be grateful.

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