I’m bringing back a feature of my blog that I started almost two years ago called the “Live Like it Matters Challenge“. Some of the posts, like this one, will be repeat challenges. Others will be new ones. Either way you will have an opportunity to Live Like it Matters.

Each week or so I will issue a challenge to you to do something to make a positive difference in the lives of those around you, in the place around you, wherever you are.

This challenge is for me, too.  Because I forget to make sure to be aware of those around me. To see them. To smile or nod.

But I don’t want to forget.  I want to make a difference.  I want to live on purpose.

Unfortunately, I’ve been the one in the forever long check out line at the store, staring blankly at the air, lost in my own thoughts. Not thinking about the elderly lady behind me or the mom with 2 restless toddlers in her cart whining to go home. Not smiling. Not saying anything. Just there. Missing an opportunity to do something kind or good. Even if it’s just to say, “Hello, how are you?”  speech-bubbles-1379252_1920

And that’s the challenge this week. SAY HELLO to at least five strangers. Look them straight in the eyes and say hello. Make sure you’re smiling, too. It may feel strange at first and the stranger may think you’re weird and not respond. That’s fine. You tried.

Try again. Then again. And again. See what happens?

I bet you end up having a nice conversation with one of those strangers this week. I bet you make someone’s day just by smiling and speaking.

Because when you acknowledge someone, you’re telling them they matter.

And they do matter.

And you matter and what you do matters.

So live on purpose.

Live like it matters.  Say hello!

Share with me how the strangers responded.  What was your experience?

Maybe you do this all the time.  I’d love to hear about it.