And So I Began 

I began this journey through the season of Lent today, this Ash Wednesday. I must confess I know very little about Ash Wednesday or Lent and some of what I do know has been learned as recently as today from my Google searches.

Since accepting my friend’s invitation to join her on this journey I’ve wondered why I was intrigued by the idea. But as I reread her invitation I remembered. Like her, I need to take some time to “reflect, repent and re-order what may have gotten off track.”  This is an opportunity…..a concentrated time of reflection…..a looking deep within and asking God to reveal what is there. A time of remembering God’s faithfulness and a refocusing on Jesus.

But why now?

I’m not sure except it seemed like the perfect time.

And so I began today on this journey where I’m learning as I go.

The introduction of “Bread and Wine: Readings for Lent and Easter” says that “Lent is the season in which we ought to be surprised by joy.”

I think I’m going to be.



The Road Taken

8 thoughts on “And So I Began 

  1. Marie, welcome to the journey! May these 40 days be full of gratitude, discovery, and growth for you. I am making my traditional sacrifice of chocolate (because I love it way too much), however this year, I am also taking time each day to clean out one space in my life each day and donating or pitching the things I no longer need. In my 2017 Lenten journey, I am looking to grow in the strength of my faith and increase simplicity in my life.

  2. I think this journey is going to be very impacting for all of us, Marie. I should have taken you with me to the Ash Wednesday service! (why didn’t I think of that????) Anyway, there are also services during Holy Week if you want to join me. Since this is all very new to me, it has really given me such a beautiful visual of what Jesus did for us and how to respond to His love in a deeper way. Enjoy the journey!

      1. It will be the week before Easter …I’m planning on going to the Thursday service and possibly Good Friday . It’s in Madison. Keep that date in mind and we’ll talk.

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