Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.      Simone Weil

Today  – give someone your undivided attention.

Put down your phone. Step away from the computer. Turn off the TV……turn down the music.

Look them in the eyes and listen to each word said. Fully.


Seek to understand.


Learn their hearts.

Love your people.

Live Like it Matters.



10 thoughts on “Attention

  1. Love this Marie. For the one you are with at any given time to know you are fully ‘present’ is indeed a gift – a joy to give, and such a precious thing to receive. Thank you for this. x

  2. Our pastor once said that you really can make more money, but no one can make more time; once it’s gone, it’s gone, never to be repeated. Truly, it’s one of our most valuable resources, and one I so easily squander. Thanks for the reminder to do heart to heart.

  3. Absolutely spot on. I have a very dear friend to introduced me to a book “The Power of Now.” While I was always in a agreement that your time is the most valuable thing you can give. The power of Now was and is so powerful and driving this very fact home. Thanks so much for sharing.

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