Embrace the New

When I began this post, I didn’t realize this was going to be another installment in my Live Like it Matters Challenge. But it is.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the challenge of getting back to my running routine since we’ve moved to our new home in a post called My Groove. There are no long quiet country roads like in our previous place. To get to any roads that would work for me, I’d have to cross a busy highway. A few times I ran on our little road without crossing the highway…..back and forth and back and forth, to the highway and back down…..again and again. It wasn’t terrible but it was terribly boring.

My husband reminded me of the park in town but I wouldn’t think of it. I like to walk out my front door and start running. I don’t want to drive to the park to run.

But last week, I drove to the park to run. And I did it again two days later. And I’ve done it again a couple of times since.

So I guess the park is part of my new groove and I’m glad it is.image

First, it’s forced me to rethink my fitness. I still run, but not daily. I’ve included other things into my fitness and I needed to do that anyway.

Second, I’ve met some really cool people at the park. Like Mark. He’s an older gentlemen with 3 dogs and a disability. He doesn’t work. His wife passed away several years ago with cancer. In the only conversation we’ve ever had, he told me about his father, his wife, his disability, his dogs, the mission trips his father took, and some other things about his life. I listened.

I think he needed someone to listen.

I also met Adam. I saw his t-shirt when he ran passed me in the opposite direction and I made a comment. When I saw him again he was running in my direction and slowed down to speak. He and his family live near the park. He loves to run and has recently competed in a Spartan Race, which is where he got the t-shirt. I’ve heard about the Spartan Races and thought about doing one. I found out more information and…..who knows. I may see him at a Spartan Race one day.

Now I understand that this “new” thing, this new groove of mine, is another opportunity to Live Like it Matters.

There’a always going to be something new in our lives. Some new things are big. Some are small. A new job, a changed job description, or a layoff. A different house, another kid, a friend moves away, your dog dies or your water heater bursts and ruins every floor in your house.

New is different and sometimes it hurts. But any new thing in your life can be an opportunity.

There’s really no other option but to embrace it and make the best out of it if you want to be a happy person.

Because you matter and what you do matters.


36 thoughts on “Embrace the New

  1. This is just so, so, so good. REtweeted. But what did you mean about coming out of a cave? (If I may ask.) Is this part of it? Fabulous post!! Hope your girls are liking the new digs also.

  2. I love the beauty in people and surroundings you experienced “as” you ventured out to embrace the new! I’m smitten by these redbud trees and their spring blossoms! Love following along in your journey, Marie! Love you!

      1. Booked a place already …hoping one of our kids will make it down as well? Woohoo!

  3. Thank you so much for writing this. It is so encouraging. I am struggling with the “newness” of some things in my life and your last part made me cry.

    It’s funny how God can take us even when we grudgingly follow and still use us even though our attitude is a little . . . “off”. Your story about meeting and talking with Mark shows that.

    And thanks for sharing your running journey with us. I love to run, too. A little tip for you . . . I was struggling to find a place to run here and didn’t want to do all my workouts on a treadmill. I found an app called 7 mwo (it stands for 7-minute-workout) that I use. I love it. On the days when I don’t want to run, I do a circuit 4x through and it’s a 30 minute workout. I needed something that didn’t need any exercise equipment and this one does it for me. I’m not affiliated with this app in any way . . . just wanting to pass a tip along to a fellow runner that has helped me.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Lonna thanks for tip. And I’m so glad you enjoyed my post. God has used me with an “off ” attitude for the better part of my journey with Him. I’m so thankful.

  4. I loved the whole story, but what gets me most is the finding of new connections when you journeyed to the park.
    Maybe God was making lemonade out of what you saw as lemons, eh?

  5. Loving your new groove, I swish in and out of running for very much the same reasons..I need an incentive inspirational place to push me. running streets is just not my thing and like you travelling to a park just seems counter-productive. But at least your getting to run so maybe I should just take a few steps further to find some inspiration.

  6. I’m a runner too, and love the relationships built when you frequently run a certain path. When training for my only marathon I still think fondly about the attractive guy who smiled at me and my training partner three times on our long run day: at miles 15, 17 and 19. It had snowed, and we had ten laps of a 2 mile loop at the park – the only place plowed – and to this day I think he’s the only reason we finished. Thanks for the post!

  7. Because you matter, what you do also matters. That’s a powerful assuring word there!.
    Thanks for sharing your story. It does pay to give a little attention to people around us,it goes a long way.

  8. Very nice, sometimes we resist change or the newness because it’s unfamiliar or were just set in our ways. You were able to break past that and met some interesting people along the way. I’m curious what got you to change your mind to drive to the park for your runs?

    1. I wanted to keep running and the park was a good option. I set my stubbornness aside and tried it. We get in our own way most of the time. Breakthroughs and good things can happen when we try something new.

  9. I can relate to your post. There are times that it’s hard to try new things, stay to where we used to but soon as we give it a try we’ll find out that it’s good. I am someone who prefer to stay in my comfort zone, to challenge myself to try or do something new requires a strong motivation. Thank you for a new inspiration.

  10. Well done you on getting into a new running routine. I’m trying to do something similar but I’m trying to work is so I’m not just running but focusing on toning and building up the muscle in my legs to help ease the pains I get in my knee. [I’m twenty-two, I really have no excuse for the condition of my leg muscles]
    Best of luck with your running.

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