This photo was taken on an extraordinarily beautiful day in September. Septembers are normally hot and humid here in North Alabama but this day was more like a mild Spring day.

I noticed a tiny feather stuck on a long blade of grass. A baby bird probably lost it when he took flight from the nest in the nearby bushes along the fence line. The wind tried to blow the feather loose but the feather held on until, at last, a stronger gust caused the feather to lose its grip and it was free. It flew upward then floated softly back down, then up again and down again, up then down.

I’ve dreamed of flying or floating since I was young. I don’t have wings when I fly in my dreams, but sometimes I have a colorful inner tube around my waist.

One of my favorite dreams I have often is when I can jump high and stay suspended in the air, like I’m floating almost. Like the feather. Up quickly then softly floating back down. Up then down again.

I love that dream.

In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge Transient.

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