We’ve been at this “Live Like it Matters Challenge” for several weeks now. I hope you’re more aware of those around you and realize how the smallest choices we make toward others can make the biggest impact.

My wish is that the challenges I issue become the way we relate and interact with those around us on a daily basis. Are you saying hello to strangers? Thanking those you appreciate? Have you stopped the negativity?  Keep practicing. It takes time to make new habits.

Today, my challenge is more broad than the others. The challenge is to be helpful. Wherever you are, to whoever needs help.

Take the grocery cart back to the cart corral for someone who just finished unloading their groceries. Help a mom with the baby stroller. Hold the door open for the person behind you.

There are a million different ways to help. Just look around. Is your neighbor’s trash container still at the road three days after the trash has been picked up? Put it back where it goes for him. Is your co-worker still struggling to finish a project for the boss? Ask if you can do anything for her.

In the rural area where I live, help may look like wrangling a loosed cow. In the city, you may share a taxi or even give your taxi up for someone that’s in more of hurry than you are. Help can be as simple as being extra kind to the teenager who’s in-training at the register. The customers ahead of you have huffed at her slow pace but she’s doing her best. Your patience and kindness toward her can change the attitude of the customers behind you.

My girls helped their grandparents put up Christmas decorations.
My girls helped their grandparents put up Christmas decorations.

Offer to pick up the dry cleaning for your dad. Sit by someone who’s sitting alone. Pick up the trash on the floor that everyone else has walked over.

This week, look for ways you can help and then do it. The simple act of helping can make a profound difference for someone.

Live like it matters.

Remember to do good and help each other. Gifts like this please God.  Hebrews 13:16  NLV


In response to the Daily Post’s Prompt Help.