IMG_2608I was sitting in one of my favorite spots this morning and noticed the sun shining onto the floor through the back door. I only noticed it because it’s the weekend and I was there on the love seat, sipping my 2nd cup
of coffee. On other days, I’m already at work by the time the sun comes through the grids on the door and makes this diamond shaped design on our bamboo floors.

But on the weekends I can sit and sip my coffee and read for as long as I like. I don’t have to be anywhere at a particular time. I move slower on these days……at soul-speed. The kind of pace that allows me to notice the way the sun is shining, and the leaves are changing, and the path the neighbor’s dog follows in the mornings. At soul-speed I can ponder things until they’re pondered out. At this pace I can have a nice long conversation with my husband and throw the ball with our dog for 30 minutes and make pancakes for the kids when they wake up.

At soul-speed, I catch up with myself.

27 thoughts on “Soul-Speed

  1. Love this. And “soul speed” is such a great phrase. Also…I laughed when I saw the photo because I had just taken of light on hard wood floors filtered through the window this past week. Kindred spirits, Marie! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the flow of writing in this Marie and I totally understand “soul speed” …love the language! …love your writing !

  3. I can imagine that feeling…the sun has such a warming feeling, even when it’s not shining directly on you. Your mention of sipping a coffee has prompted me to go downstairs and make one and come back up to my computer and continue reading. It’s early morning here, and the sun is showing signs of coming up — it won’t stream through like in your grid, but I have a lovely view and it’s interesting to watch the world wake as the sun arrives. This post really made me smile. Well done. Cheers from Brisbane, Australia.

  4. Nice photo. Definitely reflects the mood of your post. Is “soul-speed” an original concept, or is it a phrase that is in general use? I am intrigued with the thought of that.

    1. I’m not sure where I picked up the phrase. I do so much reading that I would guess the words jumped out at me… words do for me.
      I love the phrase because it so describes how I want to live. I’ve definitely experienced it but want more of it.

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