My Country Road


I’ve walked down this country road for over 13 years. Now I’m learning to run on this road.  I never get tired of the scenery. The cows always stare at me as I go by. Around the curve and up the hill is Lacy, the friendly border collie who begs for me to pet her. Then there’s Lulu, a large fluffy white dog that barks until I run past her. Going and coming back.

I used to push my youngest in a stroller down this road, while my older two rode their bikes. Now my youngest out runs me on this road and my older two have no time for bikes now.  They have cars and jobs and friends they want to see.

The little old church and the newly renovated barn, chicken houses, neighbors’ homes and hay fields are on this road.  I love this road.

My country road.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: The Road Taken

25 thoughts on “My Country Road

  1. The picture and your text made an impact on my heart. While the children are small things are so intense that time passes slow somehow and then suddenly they are flying away. I enjoy running too and pass cows and horses on my way

    1. Thank you. This is my view every evening on my walk/run. I’ve taken it for granted for years but now realize how much I will miss it when we move in a couple of months.

  2. I was about to say you are very bold to run on such a narrow road. But then I thought about it and realized there likely isn’t much traffic on such roads. I used to run on roads like that myself, for that matter, and there wasn’t any greater feeling than being out in the open. Your image captures the essence of that feeling I remember so fondly. Thanks for sharing. And good luck with the running! With scenery like that to run through, I’m sure it’s not so much a challenge as a joy.

    1. Thank you Patrick. Running was much easier in the country. We’ve recently moved (February) and I’m now trying to get my running groove back. I surely miss my country roads but we are enjoying our newly renovated home. It is my childhood home.

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