Out of the 902 photos that are on my phone right now (that’s after I deleted 166), I’m estimating that 70% of them are of my children.  Photos of my son playing football, prom pictures, school events, or my daughters posing for me when they feel especially beautiful or silly, beach pictures, and a lot of selfies of my 13 year old daughter. There are a few of the dog, too.

The rest of the photos are sunsets, or flowers, clouds, plants, blackberries, or turtles.  Rainbows, my yard, trees in my yard, or trees in the forest.  The ocean, waterfalls, rock formations, rivers, and fields.

The beauty of God’s creation is at times too wonderful for words.  So I capture them as best I can.  I’m no professional.

Just an amazed observer of God’s handiwork.

Mimosa tree flower
Mimosa tree flower


Cherry tree blooming
Cherry tree blooming

 Lord, you have made many things;
    with your wisdom you made them all.
    The earth is full of your riches.     Psalm 104:24 NCV

In response to The Daily Post’s Obvious.

7 thoughts on “Muse

  1. I like the part where you said, “So I capture them as best I can. I’m no professional.” That is kind of how I am when I take pics. Sometimes people say, “nice pic”, and I have to tell them, it’s no thanks to my skills the scene was just that beautiful.

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