Summer means blackberries for us here in North Alabama. These blackberries grow in a field and on the fence line near our home. Even though our neighbor cleared most of them out of his field last year, we have enough on the fence line and into our yard that we still get to reap the benefits.

IMG_2083Last week I picked my first basketful of plump berries.


My son is waiting on the first seedless blackberry cobbler I’ll make. I blend the berries in a blender and strain the seeds with a fine mesh strainer. I add sugar to the seedless fruit and cook on the stove until it barely simmers.  No need to add any type of thickening agent.  For the bread part of the cobbler, I use White Lily self-rising flour, milk, and sugar. In my cobbler dish I melt real butter in the oven, pour the dough over the hot butter, then pour the fruit right in the middle.  Mom always said, “Don’t stir!”  We eat it right after it comes out of the oven.  It is so good!

Over the next few weeks we’ll enjoy the sweet succulent berries. I don’t pick very much after the 2nd week of July unless I want to fight the June bugs, stink bugs, and fruit flies that take over the plants.


In response to the Daily Post’s Photo Challenge Treat.