In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Off-Season.”

FernOne of my favorite places to be is the forest.  I came across this lovely fern on a hike in the Bankhead National Forest.  The young bright plant was odd because it was fall and I usually see these in the spring.

Alabama snowWe don’t see much snow in North Alabama so when we are blessed with the white stuff, it’s an event.  Everything shuts down, snowmans are built, garbage can lids are converted into make-shift sleds. and those “sleds” are usually tied to the back of a four-wheeler and pulled around a big field with a screaming kid hanging on.  This snow happened a few days before March which is even more rare.  I snapped a picture of the field behind our home while it was still snowing and before the four-wheelers came out. We’re blessed because the snow doesn’t stay around very long.  Just enough time to have some fun.

6 thoughts on “Off-Season

  1. Although we don’t have much forest in the Midwest, I do love walking in the parks nearby. My favorite is a combination of forest and meadow and completely relaxing.


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