Yesterday was 52 years since Mom and Dad married. I thought about them all day as my sisters and I went through some of their things.

I’m thankful I honored them with this post a year ago, named “51”. Mom often commented on my posts and this one was no exception. But this was the only post that I know of that Daddy ever read and printed.

They were proud of me. I hope they knew that the reason I could do anything to make them proud was because of them. They loved me and taught me. They poured into me and led me. And best of all they showed me.

January 26, 1963 Wayne Griffin and Jan Sharrott were married in a small Methodist church in Huntsville, Alabama with only 2 of their closest friends witnessing. The next few years were difficult. They had 2 daughters and money was tight. Wayne worked for Willo Products in Decatur and opened the Neighborhood Shell Gas & Grocery in Hartselle. They lived with Wayne’s mom. Their small bedroom was cramped with their bed and 2 baby beds. Without air conditioning, the room seemed smaller in the summertime. Winters were easier because the pot-bellied stove heated the house well. By 1972 they had four daughters and that same year they bought the place where Wayne and his brother grew up.

Fifty one years is an accomplishment in any marriage, but my sisters and I know just how remarkable this one is because we witnessed and lived through it. They endured the normal hardships that…

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