Mom told me last week that she feels like she is on hold. In a season of waiting. All the time.

She waits for the Hospice nurse. She waits for her bath and for someone to get her meals. She waits for her daughters to call and waits for someone to visit. She waits for a good time to ask one of us to clean the fans. She is waiting until we can all get together to go through Dad’s things.

And the one I don’t like to think about because I want my mama here…….she is waiting for the day God takes her home………


We are always waiting. Sometimes the waiting is exciting. Other times it’s painful.

Waiting for the right one to marry or for the marriage to be what we thought it would be. Waiting to lose the weight. Waiting for a relationship to be restored. Waiting for the perfect job or the dream to come true or a promise to be kept. Waiting for the cravings for the alcohol or the pills or the entire box of doughnuts to stop.

Waiting for a child. Waiting to forget the regrets of the past and the day you can look in the mirror and like the person you see. Waiting for the sadness to go away. Waiting for God to come through.

That kind of waiting can be so hard that one more day of it seems unbearable. It feels impossible to keep going.

It’s that kind of waiting that God will use to change us. When it all feels like too much and it’s taking too long and it’s just too hard.

He’ll open our eyes. Or reveal himself to us in a new way. God may not change our circumstances.

He’ll do something even greater. He’ll change our hearts and minds. He’ll make us more compassionate and less judgmental. Give us greater faith and softer hearts.

In the waiting, we learn to fix our eyes on Jesus. We learn that He is with us and takes care of us. We aren’t diminished in the waiting. We grow in the waiting because we work through the waiting. We are made stronger and more patient in the waiting. We see more clearly because of the waiting. Best of all, we learn to love better because of the waiting.

God is greater than the pain of waiting. Great things will happen.

Just wait and see.

I truly believe I will live to see the Lord’s goodness. Wait for the Lord’s help. Be strong and brave,and wait for the Lord’s help. Psalm 27:13-14

In response to the Daily Post’s Anticipation.