More painful th…

More painful than “what could have been” is what could have been if I’d not wasted my time wondering what could have been.


One thought on “More painful th…

  1. Reblogged this on Full-Time and commented:

    I’ve spent way too much time thinking about what could’ve been. What if I’d went on that cross country trip, what if I hadn’t taken a break from my career, where would I be, what would I be doing…….on and on. And more what ifs that I won’t mention here. While driving to work one morning, thinking again of what could have been, I realized it was stealing the joy of what is. My “what is” is a beautiful thing. It’s not perfect -it’s messy and painful and glorious all at the same time.

    And this is what came from all of my thinking and wishing and realizing.

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