Ecclesiastes 7:8a (NIV)

8 The end of a matter is better than its beginning,


I begin a new job tomorrow.  Hopeful anticipation fills my heart.  I gave a lot of hugs and said even more goodbyes on Friday.  I’m a better person because of the place I’m leaving.  Forever friends, boosted confidence and a resolution to do what makes me most happy are a few things that I’ve gained from that place.  It was an important part of my journey.    Leaving was a necessary ending so that I may experience a new beginning.

Endings are essential.  They are good.  The ending of one thing means the beginning of another.

A different way of seeing things or a better attitude.  A decision to finish a project or develop deeper relationships.  Quitting a bad habit.  Pursuing a dream.  All start with an ending.  The end of complaining and excuses.  Saying no to things that drain you and yes to those that give you joy and strength.   The end of wasted effort and discouraging thoughts.

End something.  It could mean the beginning of something new and wonderful.