My “to do” list for the weekend wasn’t long.

  • Go to the grocery store.  Done.  My husband does a lot of this lately but my family says I do it better.
  • Actually do something with the food I buy at the grocery store and cook a great meal.  Done.  This made my family very happy.
  • Review Study Units 9 & 10. Done.
  • Reconcile our bank account.   Done.  And to the penny… an Excel spreadsheet.   I love it.  I’m an accountant, people.
  • Make S’more Cups for a wedding shower.  Done.  Everyone loved them, too.
  • Post on my blog.  It’s been over two weeks.

On my walk this afternoon, I was thinking of the one thing that I hadn’t checked off the “to do” list.  It bothered me terribly.  It didn’t matter that I’d accomplished way more than what was on the list.

I’ve studied, taken a test, visited the neighbors, studied, taken another test,  talked with my kids, washed three loads of clothes, studied, another test, pulled weeds, watched Michael Phelps not medal in the 400 individual medley, studied,  another test, walked 6 miles, cleaned the refrigerator, studied, another test, laughed with my husband, and a hundred other things.

But all I could think about was the one thing undone.  My blog.

I want to write.   But I can’t push “pause” on every other part of my life so that I can blog.   I also can’t not study for the CPA exam that I will take in less than three weeks.  GULP!

I’m still a wife and mother .  A friend and a daughter.  A sister.  An employee.

But if I could just post something on my blog.  Something.  Then I could check off the last thing on my list.

Well, here it is:


8 thoughts on “Something

  1. Love reading your blog posts ! Keep writing but I can totally appreciate the tension of time and energy spread out ! I love your honest walk with God !

  2. Here is Something… God speaks through you. Love this post. Witty, true and encouraging. To one of my favorite people… love you!!!!!

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