My friend, Robin, wrote this and I thought it so important that I wanted to share it here.


The first house I lived in was on a cul-de-sac. The modest neighborhood was a collection of single story homes nestled in a bunch of trees away from the hustle and bustle of Auburn University activities. Some of my parents deepest friendships developed with the couples around the circle. We enjoyed the freedom of simplicity as no one had very much.  What they had, they shared. It was a simple and fulfilling time of peace, and joy.  I have good memories of laughter and community from that season.  I don’t live in that cul-de-sac anymore and sometimes I find myself longing for that season again.

After being  in the spiritual fast lane and navigating warfare rush hour in preparation for AwakenExperience 2012: rePurpose, I found wanting to visit the cul-de-sac lifestyle.  There is nothing I love more than serving with a team of women to see God create something that will encourage, refresh and save others. But, afterwards I need rest. When tired, I am most vulnerable to…

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