I got to do what I love to do last Saturday, April 14th. I had the opportunity to encourage other women by sharing my story and reminding them that God uses everything…….the beautiful and the ugly, our mistakes, our failures and successes, weaknesses and strengths, ALL of it to rePurpose us for His glory. The very next day, I was feeling the weight of discouragement. I posted this on another blog, awakenexperience.


Saturday was beautiful, exhilarating, and  holy.  I felt poured out…….but it was a good kind of tired. 

Woke Sunday morning trying to take it all in. 

Then life with husband working a long weekend, 3 kids and rolling eyes, and the dog chewing on my new welcome mat began to take its toll on my mood.  I kept thinking of work the next day, ugghhh!!!   I needed an afternoon nap but it didn’t happen.  Frustrated……I threw the blanket off.  My emotions were dark.

I asked God, “What is wrong with me?”  I remembered what I said just the day before.  Thanksgiving is a necessary discipline……..one that God uses to re-Purpose us.  So I practiced it. 

I thanked God for the transparent but hard words my son shared with me on the way from Huntsville Saturday night.   I thanked God for Johnny’s job.  I thanked Him for our church.  It felt mechanical…

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