My weekend “to do” list is as long as it was on Friday afternoon.  I’ve worked on some projects but not one of them is complete.  The kitchen cabinets still aren’t sanded and painted.  The business letter I need to write is only half written.  My closet is still a mess.  

I did other things. 

I helped my oldest daughter get ready for the military ball Friday afternoon.    She was beautiful.  Then I stayed up late so I could hear about it when she got home. 

Saturday morning, we watched our 10-year-old daughter play her very first softball game. 

Had a great conversation with my teenagers and their friends.  Stayed up late talking with my husband. 

Lingered after church talking with friends.  And something I rarely do….I took a nap.  It was splendid.    

I’ve noticed this for a while.  My plans aren’t happening when or how I want them to.    It’s frustrating.  This weekend I chose to be flexible instead.  With three kids, full-time jobs, aging parents, and all the other things we have going on…..we have to.         

I will check those things off my “to do” list eventually.  I have more important things to do first.  

What if the choices you thought were small, were actually the ones that mattered?