I played with my kids last night.  I needed to fold the clothes in the dryer, and prepare a speech I’m giving tonight, and record the weekend’s checking account transactions.  But I played instead.  My 10-year-old wanted me to look for grandfather clocks, snowmen, and blue birds in the Christmas “I Spy” book she got from the library.  We crawled on my bed, sat “criss-cross applesauce” and carefully scanned the pages of her book for the items listed:  a gingerbread house, 3 buttons, and a heart on a block.  My 14-year old son jumped on the bed to join us when he noticed what we were doing.  We sat there until we found all of the items listed on every page.  Afterward the kids started scuffling on the bed and I joined in.  It was fun!  It ended with my daughter chasing her big brother out of the room after she threatened to eat the last piece of pie.  He got to it first. 

So tonight I will give a speech that I could be better prepared for, my kids will fold the laundry when they get home from school, and I might record the transactions in the checkbook.  Those things will get done eventually.  I chose the best thing last night:  I played with my kids.