My 10-year-old daughter accused me of throwing her homework away, and that’s what she told her teacher, too.  I denied it.  “Why would I throw your homework away?” I asked. 

 She sighed, “I asked you to check it and you must have put it in the pile of papers you were looking through.”  I was looking through the accumulation of graded papers in her STAR notebook……….but I don’t remember her asking me to check her homework. 

 “You didn’t ask me to check your homework?”  I said. 

“Yes, I did, Mom.  But my teacher said that it was okay if I couldn’t find it”.

I wondered what her teacher thought of me now……another distracted mom who can’t keep up with her child’s homework. 

 After my daughter went to bed I checked in the garbage can.  I laughed to myself when I saw the math homework she had asked me to check.  I went over it and left it on the coffee table for her to rework some of the problems this morning. 

I love that my kids so easily forgive me when I mess up.  It seems to come so naturally to them, almost like there is no other choice.  I wish I could be more that way.  I need to be more that way.